Installing PyCharm on Linux Mint?


I try to use PyCharm on Linux Mint but i am not able to bring the python interpreter to running -

When i run script i get this error:
Error running 'temp2': Cannot run program "/home/rapid1898/Dokumente/GitHub" (in directory "/home/rapid1898/Dokumente/GitHub/Python-Diverses/Webscraping with BeautifulSoup"): error=13, Keine Berechtigung

Projekt interpreter Settings:
Base interpreter on: /usr/bin/python3.7
Location: /home/username/Dokumente/GitHub (is the path where my cloned repos from github are stored)

Any help would be appreciated.




It looks like your run configuration is invalid. Please make sure you correctly specified the Script path field in your run configuration (Run | Edit Configurations...).


Now i think i have found the problem - and it lies in the regular installation for PyCharm in the program packages from linux mint- now i have installed pycharm directly from jetbrains at that link ( ... tion=linux) and now i have no more problems with the 3.6 intepreter. This is now working in pycharm and also with all modules.

Also another user mentioned a similar problem in the comments in the program installation from pycharm on 2018.10.11:
For someone just getting started, this might work. However since its installed using flatpak its unable to see the python binaries that are installed on linux mint, so while linux mint has pyhton 3.5 the flatpak installation has 3.7. Additionally pip is not installed in the flatpak installation, so even if 3.78 works for your project you canßt install any packages.

Nevertheless thanks for comments and help!


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