Process not terminated when stopping debug


IDEA 2019.3.5

When I hit the red square button to stop the debug job, I only got message "Disconnected from the target VM, address: '', transport: 'socket'" but the application still run, I have to terminate it by task manager which is very inconvenience.


Also ,during the debug, I can not get in to the breankpoints.

What I have treid:


1 restart idea

2 invalidate caches and restart

3 re-import maven project

4 change to external maven instead of the bundled version.

5 change to community 2020.1


None of them solve the problem.


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I am also having this issue.  I have enabled the option "Kill the debug process immediately" also.

Company provided version 2019.2.1

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What exactly happens when you stop the debugger? What specific run/debug configuration do you use?

Can you share the jstack output for the process you debug and for the IDE process per ? You can upload the files at .

With the kill option enabled does it get killed or does it hang? A short video may also help to understand what happens.

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Thank you for the questions:

Q1:  The console prints out this message:  "Disconnected from the target VM, address: '', transport: 'socket'" and hangs

Every time it hangs, I have to manually run netstat -a -n -o | find "8080" and locate the PID on the line labelled

"TCP     LISTENING      <pid>"

Q2:  When i run my application in debug mode, I use IntelliJ's debug function.  However, I have defined the Run configuration as a Maven process which equates to

mvn spring-boot:run,header-security

I'm not sure what information you need in terms of the debug configuration, so I don't want to supply you with a whole bunch of superfluous information.

Q3:  I've never done this before so I hope I am providing the correct data... Upload id: 2020_09_24_835rNccjhyS2ia3n (file: Nick_Brewer_jstack_ide_20200924.txt)

Q4:  No.  the process does not get killed.  It hangs.  Sorry, I cannot attach a video because I can't control what content it shares and it contains data protected by an NDA.


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Does it help if you use Spring Boot run/debug configuration instead of using Maven?

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... yes it does.

... i feel dumb.

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Hi guys, I solved it by setting:




Especially the `<fork>false</fork>` 


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