Debugging Tomcat does not stop at breakpoints


I run Tomcat from IDEA run config, using an artifact configured within IDEA. I have breakpoints set. When running in debug mode, it never stops at the breakpoints. Standard processes started from main method do stop at breakpoints. I don't have breakpoints muted.

I saw this with 2020 and 2018 versions of Intellij.

Tomcat: 8.5.15

Java: 1.8.0_181


This used to work for years with the same code, same run config back when I was running Intellij 2018 or earlier and Tomcat 8.0. However, I can't run that combination anymore to prove it still works because I get some new error regarding loading a jar file and annotations.

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What's the specific error? Could you please share a sample project and provide the exact steps to reproduce the issue?

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There is no error. It just doesn't stop at the breakpoint.


It would not be feasible to provide a sample project for a Tomcat CXF soap service that is sharable. Breakpoints work for basic simple java code. I wouldn't even know where to begin to create a sample project using CXF soap and tomcat. If there is no other way to analyze this, I'll have to consider switching to Eclipse. This is an urgent issue for us.

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You can try checking the Java Debugger logs to see if there anything reported: .

Make sure the code on the server corresponds to the sources in the IDE. There could be some jar deployed with the different code version that overrides your sources.


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