JSON Files not being created, even though they are added with .json extension


Hello all,

I am currently running Intellij Ultimate, 2020.1.3 and am working on a project that requires some .json files. However, once inside the file structure, I try to create a .json file which results in just a regular text file being created. It just started happening to me, even though earlier I was doing the same thing with no problem. There are no errors in my code (I double and triple checked it), so it has to be something that I did to mess with the editor. Any help is appreciated. 

(I know that it is not creating a json file because when I go to insert the curly braces, they are red and the editor does not format the code correctly.)

Thank you.

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Please check the file types, see https://stackoverflow.com/a/13374653/104891 for the similar issue.


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