I want to execute multiple SQL statements in one console at the same time


It is often necessary to execute multiple SQL statements at the same time. Although it can be realized by opening multiple consoles, it is more intuitive and easy to manage if it can be executed in one console.

I hope developers can consider this requirement. thank.

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I'm not from JetBrains but I just wanted to say that I am able to do this with MySQL. Enter each query on it's own line and end each query with a semi-colon. On Mac I then (with my cursor on the first line) I press Command + Enter. If there is just 1 query, it executes straight away, if there are multiple queries it will show a context menu with the first option to execute the query where your cursor is, and the second option to execute all queries. Choose with the arrow keys and press Enter. In the results panel, there will be a separate tab for each query.


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Yes, just select multiple queries and execute them.




To control execution behavior go to settings

In general statements are divided by delimiters (see answers from quora https://www.quora.com/What-is-a-delimiter-in-SQL)

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Thanks Reply. It seems impossible to reply to the specified comment. Sorry, my meaning is not clear, I mean that multiple SQL statements are executed at the same time, not sequentially.


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