PyCharm and data visualization


Good day, 

A newbie here trying to get his way into data visualization world using the amazing Pycharm ...

I found very good UT sessions creating amazing charts and plots using JUPYTER,  tried to plot the same projects and charts using

PyCharm’s but it was very tedious and bumpy ride and it seems that every single youtuber out there is preferring JUPYTER over

PyCharm for unknown reason - maybe simplicity of using Jupyter over PyCharm ! - I could not find much - close to NONE - clips or

tutorials of data visualization on PyCharm vs JUPYTER on UT !!!

I'm using the community edition on a Mac ... is this edition fit for creating fully featured charts and plots or the Pro edition is 

What I should get..?

Thanks for all your support and assistance.

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Jupyter Notebook support is available only in PyCharm Professional.

You can try it for free using the 30-days trial period or try the latest EAP build which also doesn't require a license and has the latest features.

This is a good example of what you can do in PyCharm


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