Toolbox does forced install of EAP version of DataGrip


Hi Team,


Could you please clarify Why Toolbox install EAP version of DataGrip and I can't change the behaviour? For IntelliJ IDEA I can do this, but for DataGrip - there's no such option? By the way - there's no such option for CLion as well.

Previously there was an option 'Install Release versions only' in Toolbox App. Now you silently change the behaviour.

Have you fixed the bug when IDEA is trying to get access to Calendar, Contacts, Documents on macOs?

Should I check every new release from you in scope of malware and spyware?

What a f# is going on? Do you really think it's a good way to do a business?


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A bit more details:

  1. During announcement the version was declared as 2020.2.1
  2. Toolbox knows the version as 2020.2.1
  3. Meantime EAP label is active in splash screen and in about screen. 

So I can't avoid an installation of EAP version because a) I can't bypass it via option b) version announcement in Toolbox app hides information about EAP status of the upcoming version.


Update to the next DataGrip version (2020.2.2). It was release publishing issue

Don't worry, it was the only wrong splashes.


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