Language Injection


Trying to set up a rule that any call to the method getDbSql in a class called DbResource automatically injects the sql.  This seems to work but only partially.  For instance, the following kotlin code

val dbr = DbResource()

dbr.getDbSql("""select * from WorkOrders""")...


This code works fine and I get the type-assist and everything.  However, when I hit enter, all of that goes away and the only way to get it back is to hit alt+enter at the end and then choose SQL from the entire list.

DbResource is a java class.


Does the issue occur only when editing Kotlin code? I'd report a bug at


Similar issue on java side:

dbr.getDbSql("select *" +
"from WorkOrders" +
"join WorkOrderLines")

When i get to the third line, it stops offering code completion. Seems it may be a bug...

There is a known issue for Kotlin: But I can't find the one for Java.


Thanks...I followed the issue and added an additional comment to it.


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