Multiple Parameters

I have a SQL script using a XXXENVXXX string that I would like to be able to change the environment type throughout the script. I set up a parameter but it is asking me to add a value for EVERY instance of the string. I want to just add the value once and have it change all occurances of the string to the new value. What am I doing wrong?
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Tyler Delange,

Could you provide a full example of your script and the way you set User Parameters?

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So I might have something like:

XXXENVXXX parameter for an environment type.



FROM lake_XXXENVXXX.table_one

LEFT JOIN lake_XXXENVXXX.table_two ....

LEFT JOIN lake_XXXENVXXX.table_three ....


I will set up a parameter like the following:


But when I run the code I would like it to only ask for the value once but I get results like this instead....


I have to enter the environment 3 different times for the code to run.

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Already implemented. The part of the parameter, that is its "name", should be in parenthesizes, so it should be defined like `(XXXENVXXX)` or `XXX(ENV)XXX`


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