Packaging a project doesn't include maven dependencies


So I have this project with some dependencies in its pom.xml file.

I set the dependencies to <scope>compile</scope> to make sure they compile, but when I run it, I get a classNotFoundException, meaning it did not include my dependencies.


Any ideas? :)


Please share a sample project to reproduce the issue: .


Hi Serge, thank you for the fast response!

This is my sample project id: 2020_09_25_4K5ZhQ4xrZdyYVzs.


What I was trying to do is to create a plugin for spigot. I was importing the spigot API through Maven, as well as my own dependency (PacketManager).

After packaging the project (through Maven -> TestPlugin -> Life Cycle -> Package) and testing the plugin, I got the ClassNotFoundException meaning it did not compile my dependency (PacketManager) with the actual project.


Seems to be Minecraft plug-in specific issue not related to IntelliJ IDEA. Please try asking for help at .


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