Multiple query results in the same tab


I am trying to run multiple queries, and want to see all results in the same result tab.


Basically I am trying to run:

Select * from mytable where x=1

Select * from mytable where x=2

And would like to see both results in the same result tab, 


I saw that question a couple of times, and the answer (Settings - Database - General - Open Results in new tab)  is not working for me. It still opens a different tab for each query.  Pinning does not work either.

Using datagrip 2020.2.3





Give the In-Editor Results a try and see if it's a better workflow for you.


Thanks for the response Jim,  but not working for me.

In-Editor results still displays in multiple tabs. I cannot get it to display like your screen shot.

I must have some user preferences or setting somewhere overwriting this, but cannot figure out what it is


Samersadek what is your DBMS? what if you close this result set and run query one by one having empty row between them?


Microsoft Sql Server

Apologies but I am not exactly sure what you mean. If you mean run the 2 queries without that empty row between them, I tried that and it did not make a difference

FWIW, this is on a windows machine.  I am going to try to setup DG on a mac and see if it behaves differently


Same results on a new install on a mac.



Did someone found the solution? I'm using PHPStorm and facing the same problem. It was working fine before version 2020.3.3


Still waiting too!


for mssql , adding the "go" keyword between the 2 queries seems to work with in-editor results enabled.

Yuriy Vinogradov

 to open a new in-editor window, there should be a separator with empty row between queries.

to have results in tabs, just remove empty row between queries, select all and run.

please check if it works in latest version v.2021.1.x


v 2021.3.4 

It still opens a different tab for each query. Is it possible in 2022 to open results one by one, similar ssms?


I have the same problem and cannot determine how to get multiple result sets in the same tab like SSMS does it.


Just chiming in.  Really miss/need the same functionality found in SSMS.. to run multiple queries and have each result show, vertically, in separate sections within the same screen or tab.  Often one just needs to take a simple screenshot of all query results, to share elsewhere.. but that is not possible with DataGrip's current functionality, where each result MUST appear in its own tab, and no way to view them all on screen at the same time.


Hey, the functionality is there. You just need to click on "In Editor Results and you'll see it. Its in the editor window at the top.


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