Autocomplete not working with libraries outside of core python libs

Auto-complete doesn't work in


Basically, if I import anything from the standard lib, such as os, autocomplete works as expected:



However, for anything else, such as numpy say, no auto-complete:


Interpreter is working fine & I installed numpy directly from the IDE:

As seen above using virtual env. However I started a project with the system interpreter & same issue.

So.....? That's sort of a core feature. I don't see why. Yes I did Invalidate the caches. Using PIP for package management. Through the ide. Although same result if I use pip with requirements.txt.




This is on Manjaro by the way.

I've just installed pycharm on my laptop (just the community edition) and that one actually does autocomplete, even with virtualenv. Still unsure what the issue is.


Did you install any custom plugins?

If you Cmd+Click on numpy, where does it take you?


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