Pycharm cant find the Interpreter


Hello Community,

I am a beginner and have not yet had any experience with Python or the Pycharm development environment. Together with the university, we have now started using Pycharm. I downloaded the student version of this from this homepage
We use Anaconda and Open CV as a pack manager and basic library.

I have a problem with the interpreter. I open a new project and select "Pure Python" and under the bar "new environment using" "Virtualenv". The paths for location and base interpreter were already entered, you can see that in the first picture. When I next click on "Create" an error message appears, which says "Python was not found but can be installed from the Microsoft Store:" You can see this in the second picture. And when I write a program and click "run" the same message appears.

The same problem was described in the English forums. The path of the exe. File could be important if I got that right. The exe. File is with me
saved under .... AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ WindowsApps. I can't move that either. I did everything as my professor did before. Only with him was the exe. File not saved under "Windows Apps" but normally under Programs \ Python \ Python.exe. My professor did not answer my email, so I am now in this forum.

Do you know this problem and can you help me?
I would be very grateful

Kind regards



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The problem is that you don't have Python installed or it is installed in a non-standard location. The one you use right now isn't a real Python executable, it's just a link to Microsoft Store.
Install Python from or Microsoft Store and then use it in PyCharm to create a virtual environment.

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Thank you for your message. Now the question for me is why it is not installed correctly and why he cannot find the python interpreter. It worked straight away for my colleagues.

We have decided that we want to use anaconda. I installed Anaconda normally. I have a similar problem there too. Why doesn't it work there?


Have you seen something like this before and do you know what the problem is.

Thank you


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