Change color scheme inheritance


I'm trying to achieve a consistent-ish color scheme across languages within IDEA.  Right now, when I look at (say) a `Function->Function call` in the R color scheme definitions, it inherits from `Classes->Static method` in "Language Defaults". 

IMO it would make more sense to inherit from `Identifiers->Function call`, so I'd like to change it to inherit that way.  But I don't see any way to change the inheritance.  Am I missing a trick?

This is one example, but there are more.  For instance, R's `Variables->Closure Variable` inherits from `Classes->Class name`, when I think some form of identifier would make more sense.  Other languages (e.g. PHP) have their own quirks too that I'd like to clean up, to reduce cognitive load when moving from one language to another.


Please report at so that the plug-in team can address these issues.


Thanks Serge - I can do that, but my real question isn't "why are these inheritances 'wrong'", it's "how do I change inheritance definitions".


These are hard-coded inside the plug-in. Developer designing the plug-in made this decision at some point (probably many years ago) and only he knows why.


Okay, thanks - then I think I'll also file a wishlist item to be able to change which item each language item's color scheme inherits from.  This happens more frequently than I think I want to address with filing issues.


Hi. I am looking for a way to do this but I think is Hard Coded to the plugin from what I see.
I installed a plugin that adds the PowerShell to it and I think is not way to change the inheritance of colors.

But I don't see a way to change it the plugin folder.


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