Limited ide when not in project


I feel stupid for asking this. But a while ago I updated and now when I open a file (which I do via scp) I get a very limited editor. When I open pycharm by it's self it far more complete. 

I would like when I open a file to get into the complete IDE (I understand some features might not work). But I have no idea how this is done or what it is even called.

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It's called LightEdit mode. See, it describes how to exit it.

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Ahh so thats what it's called. The solution that i was looking for wasn't on that page but now i know how it is called I was able to google the answer. 


Solution orginally from Rustam Vishnyakov:

If you permanently want to go back to the previous behavior, you can do this by setting a registry key:

  • Ctrl-Alt-Shift-/ open registery
  • In the Registry dialog find key and set it to false (uncheck the box).

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