How to stop PyCharm and WebStorm settings from interfering with each other?



I've found PyCharm quite useful for a while now, I've been using it for Django development amongst other things. Recently I've also started using WebStorm and have found that very useful too. The snag is that since I'm using both IDEs for the same Django project their settings are interfering with each other. The configurations for running the scripts as well as the file watchers. I think I might have solved the problem on the config front, but ensuring the names are different. I'm not sure I've figured out the file watchers. However more generally speaking, is there a way I can set the IDEs up so that their settings don't collide?

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We bundle WebStorm's features to PyCharm Pro. Is there a reason you still use two IDEs?


IntelliJ-based IDEs (GoLand, PHPStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm, IDEA, etc) have the same project format (.idea) but different settings/module types that aren't always compatible, so sharing the .idea folder between IDEs may result in losing your settings, etc.

If you like to work on the same sources in different IDEs, I'd suggest sharing the sources folder(s) but keeping the .idea folders separated: just create a new empty PyCharm project and add the root of your shared source as an additional content root to it in Preferences | Project | Project Structure -> Add Content root. The same thing should be done for other IDEs. As a result, you will have IDE-specific .idea folders and shared sources.


Sergey, thanks so much for the response. I had no idea PC acted as a debugger for javascript. Has that been the case for a while? Since this is the case, I have gotten it working, that will serve my needs very well, thank you.

Thanks for your thoughts on getting the two IDEs to work side by side, I'm sure that will be useful at some point in the future or for others.



>Has that been the case for a while?

Yes, we bundle it to PyCharm for a very long time already.

I'm glad I could help :)


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