Working Directory in Windows 10 running Jpyter

PyCharm Professional 2020.2
Windows 10 Professional 19041.685

I downloaded the folder from:
Put it in D:\Dropbox\Code\course-nlp-master

I right clicked the course-nlp-master from Windows Explorer, Open Folder as Pycharm Project

Settings-> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Console -> Python Console
Working Directory: set it from Blank to D:\Dropbox\code\course-nlp-master

Problem 1:
import os


when I wanted D:\\Dropbox\\code\course-nlp-master

Problem 2:
in 2-svd-nmf-topic-modeling.ipynb, there is an image
img src="images/document_term.png" which does not display in the right panel

I changed the working directory to D:\\Dropbox\\code\\course-nlp-master using os.chdir()
and changed the code above to img src="\images\document_term.png"

However, it still fail to display.

My question is, what is the best setting to use in PyCharm so that I can display all the images in all Jupyter notebook with the least amount of changes to the ipynb files?


note: I opened the same notebook in Jupyter Notebook (Anaconda) and the images display correctly.


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There's a known issue about images in Jupyter:

Please follow the issue for updates, feel free to vote and comment, and let us know if you need any help. If you're not familiar with YouTrack, please see


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