Stop Indexing, Part A New Hope


IntelliJ is a nice IDE, but when we are talking about file indexing It makes me crazy. I have been using IntelliJ since 2008 on big Java projects, and most of the time, I am trying to optimize my workspace by changing a bunch of configurations to avoid constant file indexing. Also, there is another weird issue when I close the IntelliJ using Command+Q shortcut, and my Java workspace loses all (excluded folder) configuration. It's so annoying. I have to exclude all of those JS folders again because the IDE does not keep the last configuration state, indexing my Java projects again.
Usually, I follow the steps below to reduce indexing issues.

  1. Excluding JS folders
  2. Optimize VM Options
  3. Uninstall Git plugin (I have been using another tool)
  4. Uninstall Database tool plugin
  5. Unload project modules
  6. Disable unnecessary plugins

Since a long time ago I see many indexing and memory issues reported by IntelliJ users. There is probably another way to reduce IntelliJ file indexing, maybe creating profiles or an IntelliJ lightweight version allowing the users to choose which features they need.

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Please report such issues at with the logs attached (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data).


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