Port binding of python run configuration does not work


I try to use Tensorboard from an Docker image. Therefore i need to do a port-binding on port 6006. I have a Python run configuration where i set a remote python interpreter from the docker image. Under "Docker container settings" I want to configure the port binding and it also shows the right option in the preview (-p When I start the "Run Configuration" the the container is started but no port binding is done. I checked it by docker ps -a and also in the "Services" (View->Tool Windows->Sevices). In the Services view I can change it manually for that container, that works, but I can not configure this port binding. Is there another way to do this? 

I am using PyCharm Professional 2020.3 on Ubuntu 20.04


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What docker image do you use?

I tried with python:latest and it works fine:

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Btw, does it work if you run the docker container from the system terminal?


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