Cannot change colors and fonts in Ultimate




According to the tip that pops up, all I have to do is Ctrl-Shift-A, Jump to Colors and Fonts and follow the instructions there.

Sometimes when I Jump to Colors and Fonts, there's a temporary red box saying "No text attributes found".

Sometimes it goes to the proper Colors and Fonts screen, but it doesn't help at all.  

My screen is currently using a dark theme.  When I select Classic Light, and I can see the preview is more to my liking, and click OK, it just goes back to the darker theme.

So - how do we perform the very simple task of changing the theme in which we're viewing our code?




- Settings (Preferences on macOS) | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance | Theme:

- Settings (Preferences on macOS) | Editor | Color Scheme | Scheme:

If it doesn't change, please file a bug at with the logs attached (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data).


Thanks Serge, I was able to do this, after an online search.  Exactly as you said.


But the tips that popup are wrong.  They seem to lead to the right configuration window, but there's no Apply button.  Only an OK and Cancel.


All set, thanks.


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