intelliJ does not launch on mac


Dear Support team,

I have downloaded the Community IntelliJ Idea installer and installed in my MBP (High Sierra 10.13.6). The problem seems to affect the App as it will not launch when opened.

Believing that the problem could be a faulty installer I deleted the App, downloaded a fresh .dmg and installed a second time. Same result; the App does not launch.

I would really appreciate if you would kindly help me finding a solution. Thank you in advance and best regards!

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Might be an odd corruption issue with residual installation files. Try following the steps from this troubleshooting guide after the installation. It will have you delete certain IDE-related folders in order to restore program integrity.

If it doesn't help, try to start the IDE from the terminal (cd to the <IDE installation home>/bin directory > launch idea.bat file) and examine the output for any errors.

Also check the OS system log for any errors or warnings around the moment when the problem occurs.

Look for any generated Java crash logs (files with names like java_error_in_idea_*.log in your user home directory) and examine them.

If you have antivirus/firewall, make sure that IDE config directories, IDE installation folder and project files are excluded from the scan.


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