pycharm debugger mode error

the following is my using version

my code only have 2 lines as following and error message in debug mode

I have reinstalled pycharm, but didn't work.

Any idea to solve this problem?

Thanks for helping



Could you create a new project with a new virtualenv and let me know if it has the same problem?


yes, I tried create new project with new virtualenv.  It still had the same problem


Could you move your file outside of the venv folder and try again (to the project root, for example)?

Please also attach a screenshot of your run configuration (Run | Edit Configurations...).


yes, I moved the .py file out of the venv directory

and the following is my edit configuration



I found a very similar issue
It was caused by a custom module. Do you have it inside your venv or in sys.path by any chance?


I saw this issue, too.  I am sure I didn't have custom module.  I just finished my first windows 10 python project by using pycharm without debug mode.  My previous python projects were on ubuntu.  When I installed pycharm on my notebook,  the debug mode didn't work since then.


Try running this code:

import _thread
print(hasattr(_thread, "start_new_thread"))

Is it True or False?


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