Reader Mode Behaviour with Perforce


I have a question about the use of reader mode when using the Perforce integration of the IDE. The default setting of reader mode seems to be to not show any inspection warnings on read-only files. Since files in Perforce are marked as readonly until they are opened for edit I think this results in inspections not being run for the majority of files in my project. I'm also finding that when I check a file out using the IDE perforce integration that this doesn't trigger the IDE to run the inspections.

Is the behaviour I described what is expected? Is there a way to have the IDE run inspections when the file changes from read only to writable (i.e. when it is checked out in Perforce)? I see that there is an option to have inspections run on read only files in reader mode settings: is there a way to specify that in XML project configuration? The project I work in is built automatically from XML files and I would need to specify this option in XML to have it as a default for all developers.

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