Unresolvable conflicts in cacerts during update


Hi I'm having some problems with conflicts in cacert file during updates of IntelliJ. I have modified cacerts file with added certs for our database. Is there any simpler solution than reinstalling IntelliJ from scratch to have it updated?


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Hello Adam,

We're investigating the issue. For now you may run IDE installation from installation file - it will update version and keep all settings/configs.


Having the same issue. Don't understand why the simple solution to backup the existing cacerts and put the one from the update is not an option!


I am also unable to upgrade because of this.  Perhaps if the original cacerts file was available to download and replace the customized one?


Same problem. I thought this would be fixed in v. 2021.1.3, but it has the same issue. I'm trying to avoid installing the full version because on some occasions in the past it was confused with my custom config directories (which I can't keep in Windows user profile for performance reasons). 

Is there some workaround?

It doesn't help that although Idea rolls back its installation, Python plugin remains upgraded and incompatible with 2021.1.1, so needs to be rolled back manually. 


I was able to get around this issue by uninstalling IntelliJ and then downloading and installing the new version.  The only negative I've seen to this approach is that if you need the modifications to cacerts then those will need to be re-accomplished. 


Still an issue for Idea 2021.2.2 Update


Is there a change this will be fixed in a future release?


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