Working from a remote sshfs mount osx

The user experience of working on a remote hfs mount is terrible. With the trend of everything going to the cloud these days, how is there not better support for this type of setup?

My gripes:

1. I actually have to mount a sshfs drive outside of the application
2. If a connection is reset, i have to do it all over again, which causes many annoying problems
3. Loading a remote drive (especially if there is a complex node_modules folder) takes entirely too long.
4. Often if the connection was broken, you must endure this file synchronization process, which some times never resolves. When that occurs I must delete .idea and start over again.
5. Other times, the basic opening of the project takes entirely too long. How long should it take to ls some directories and display a list?
6. While this operation is occurring, webstorm is beach balled and absolutely useless, wasting a lot of my valuable time.
7. Of course an hfs mount to a ubuntu server results in a filesystem case sensitivity mismatch. I dont care about this and neither should your ux be showing me warnings i dont care about.
8 "External file changes sync may be slow" you might as well write, "we arent very good at remote mounts so use another IDE or vim"

You guys can do way better than this. You are writing a program built for programmers. I understand if apple has a piss poor hfs interface, so maybe you should find another way to allow people to do this, like maybe have a headless remote system that monitors the files in a project afar, so you dont have to resync.

Where there is a will, there is a way, but honestly, after this many years, it just comes across like you are unwilling.

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we normally discourage our users from storing projects on remote drives... In general, having project and configuration files on a local dick is essential for the best IDE experience. All IDE functionality is based on the index of the project files which WebStorm builds when the project is loaded and updates on the fly as you edit your code. To provide efficient coding assistance, WebStorm needs to re-index code fast, which requires fast access to project files. The latter can be ensured only for local files, that is, files that are stored on you hard disk and are accessible through the file system.

Moreover, the fsnotifier tool we use to synchronize the IDE virtual file system with external changes doesn't support remote drives, so you might have problems synchronizing files created externally, outside of WebStorm, have issues showing files/folders in Project tree, etc.

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Thanks for your speedy response, Elena.

Unfortunately, that doesn't satisfy my needs, nor anyone else in a similar situation. I work with a team of developers and we are building on ubuntu boxes with docker, aws integrations and other componental things like text notifications, among other things, that would require entirely too much configuration to make running on a local machine easy, feasible, or desirable. Additionally, the dev environment we built mimics production in a way that we are better prepared to handle bugs that come up when pushing to production. Our devs use several platforms (and IDE's) to access and work on their dev instances, and we fire them up and spin them down often.

The answer you provided is not acceptable. You should expect and be prepared for users with remote work. There are ways Jetbrainz can improve this. I'd suggest evaluating all the limitations you outlined in your response as a good way to begin identifying what you can do better.

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So I am giving VS code a spin, and it seems to be doing fine by connecting via an ssh connection.

Ive been paying for webstorm for quite some time now, but seeing as i may have found a solution that solves my issues, I may not be in the not too distant future.

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This is ridiculous there is no reason that you cant just mount a remote fs from in the IDE so that you can still run one off tools on the jumpbox. Wasted days on this issue. For the first time looking into other options out of jetbrains.  Drop your bias for your fancy gateway and get back to giving your long paying customers what they need before you lose their loyalty. 


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