Cursor Does Not Exist After Executing Redshift Stored Procedure


This is identical to

The suggestion in the comments no longer seems to be the case. Setting transaction to manual in both the database options as well as the query console has no impact. We still get the error 'cursor "<cursor_name>" does not exist.

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Could you try to switch to previous version of Redshift JDBC driver and try it there?

Also, it would be handy if you provide a sample script to reproduce the issue.

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This is still an issue.

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I can reproduce with very similar code:

call public.nameOfMyProcedure(1234, 90, 'myCursor')
fetch all from myCursor


datawarehouse> begin
[2022-06-22 07:43:24] completed in 33 ms
datawarehouse> call public.nameOfMyProcedure(1234, 90, 'myCursor')
[2022-06-22 07:43:25] 1 row retrieved starting from 1 in 332 ms (execution: 53 ms, fetching: 279 ms)
datawarehouse> fetch all from myCursor
[2022-06-22 07:43:25] [34000] ERROR: cursor "mycursor" does not exist

Transaction mode is set to manual.

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I see, according to console output you run query as separate statements. It should me like that:

So, let's do the following:

  1. Set Console Tx Mode to Manual
  2. Adjust Execution Mode and set Exactly as one statement for separate Execute action or for selection.


In general I use the following settings:

Proper way to execute:

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Thanks Vasily.  Changing the 'For selection execute' option was the missing piece of the puzzle for me.  


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