Show "Commit date" date during Git > Show diff


Did a similar post in April, but it was not very clear. So, here we are again with a more direct example (in 2021.1.4, soon 2021.2).

- Have a file and do (on Tab) Right-click > Git > Show diff
- Or doing a Right-click > Git > Commit file
- Or doing a Git > Commit (and click on files one by one)
- I'm shown a diff between the last commit and the current local file
- That's nice.

However the diff page doesn't show when that last Commit was.
I think it would be helpful to have (by the hash for instance) the date of that commit.
Why? Because it's an important information, that helps to put that file in context, quickly check between two files if they were commited around the same date before, for instance, on the same page, without having to click an extra "Show file revision"...


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