the action of loading data source when open the datagrip takes too long every time


Every time I open my datagrip the background job runs for loading data source takes long time to finish. 

During this time I can't execute any SQL statement.

Is this nromal ?

Please help.

Thanks a lot!


how many data sources do you have in a project?


Hi Yuriy, thanks for your reply.

I have three datasource on remote clound and three sap hana datasource.

I encountered this problem for version 2021.2.4. I degraded to 2021.1.3 then the problem sovled.

But there are still another performance issue. Both version takes long time when I clicked "refresh" on SAP HANA datasource.


File -> Invalidate cache could help after update to make IDE start up faster, please try it.

And introspection process depends on database size (objects amount), so if you DB is quite big then it will take some time.


I also have this issue, i only have a few data sources but they can have hundreds of tables each. DG will try to introspect every one of them before i can even see my data, i usually only want to look at a single table. This can take 10 minutes.



Could you describe your environment?
Also, invoke Diagnostic Refresh action and send us logs or create a new issue in DataGrip bug tracker


Hi team,

I have a similar issue (using PhpStorm on Linux, Build #PS-222.3345.135, built on July 28, 2022). In previous versions of PhpStorm, I have been able to stop this process, and just manually refresh the schema I am interested in, but this option appears to have been removed.

I understand that inspecting these DBs is likely to take time (especially if they are remote DBs with lots of schemas), so I'm not concerned that this is necessarily a performance issue, but it would be nice if either this could be optional, or could be done in a way that avoids locking up all DB access until it has finished. NB, I have disabled Introspection > Auto sync, on the source, and this appears to make no difference.


Ollie L


Same situation for me.  I have an AWS DocumentDB, 5 AWS RDS Sql Servers (each with up to 15 databases all containing hundreds of tables), and an AWS RDS Postgresql data source.  Every time I start up they refresh.  Most end up timing out because I have to be on different VPNs for different ones.  I'm not asking for the data source introspection to go away, I really like this feature.  I would just like to be able to control when it happens.  I know this won't be a popular statement, but something similar to how SSMS lets you register a data source but doesn't actually connect to it or introspect it until I request it do so, is, in my opinion, a better solution.


I hate to say it, but this is literally why I still use SSMS. Every time I launch I have six data sources, and before I can do absolutely anything they all have to finish introspecting, despite my settings set to do manually. I've scoured various settings to make this stop to no avail. I just don't understand why it won't open and show data sources, and then do nothing until I request it.


I am going through same issues with everything slow upon loading or adding new db.   Grant it our company server has over 700 db's on it in which I need access to when needed.  But the amount is not the problem for SSMS.  SSMS I can open any database in second.  Normally when I open datagrip I've got used to just going outside of work and take a cigarette break LOL

We're aware about the issue with big servers. Please, upvote and follow the issue

i have only two source, one is AWS which take forever but this source have a crazy amount of DBs.

My issue is the fact that my MySql source take over 15-20 min on my desktop running WIN 11 (yeah i know) but take a millisecond on my laptop running windows 10.


Hello Bruno,

Is it possible to attach logs folder zipped ("Help | Show log in...") after restarting IDE and reproducing the issue to check recorded events?
Have you tried to disable Windows defender or add IDE to exclusions list?

FYI this is the bug(?) that caused me to cancel my entire JetBrains subscription. I've been subscribed for several years.

I've been having this problem for over a year, possibly close to 2 years, as an administrator of a few hundred Moodle databases. It's insane that if I want to connect to a local development Docker container, I have to wait 10+ minutes for every single data source I have to load first.

I found a VS Code extension with SSH tunnel support and that's the end of my DataGrip journey. You should really think about addressing this problem because it's incredibly annoying and essentially a nuclear explosion to the app's UX for anyone who's time is valuable.


Jesse Stilwell
I'm sorry to hear that your experience has been subpar.  DataGrip it's not supposed to load unrelated Data Sources on the startup. Can you please clarify what actions are being made inside DataGrip? It's possible that it's related to some setting or a bug so we would gladly take a closer look if you're willing to reinstall DataGrip and open a ticket with us.


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