Pycharm after restart always highlights all problems, not only syntax errors


Hi guys,

I tried to configure Pycharm, so that it always only show's syntax errors, but that won't work.

After restarting the Mac Mini or after restarting Pycharm I'm not quite sure it always highlights all problems.

I would like to configure Pycharm to show me permanently only syntax errors ...

I tried to google but had no luck yet.

Has anyone some suggestions on how to deal with this situation?

Kind regards,

Daniel :)



I must always click the second image and there by highlight select show me only syntax errors ... 


Use this switch in the top right-corner of your file (hover the cursor over the check mark button):


Sergey Karpov

Thats what I do every time when I restart the application or my Mac Mini.

I have to do this quite often and that is harassing ...

For example:

I create a new python file and the settings sets itself back to highlight all problems not only syntax errors.

Can I somehow disable this behaviour?

Kind regards,



Slight push of the problem ...


This is an important issue, thanks for bringing this up. I actually need the other functionality - by default highlight “All Problems” instead of only “Syntax”. Seems like currently it is default to Syntax and I do not know how to change it to “All Problems” for all my project files. It is very tedious to do this for each file as per the solution by Sergey Karpov

I have searched my Pycharm settings (with search word  - all problems), and seems like there is no option to change the highlighting level for all files as per the below screenshot:


You can see that “Error Highlighting” section is missing the needed option. It would be very nice to have an option to change the setting for all files at once.


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