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I have just started working with DataGrip and I like it alot. But there are some features that I would like to "take with me" from the IDE I am used to work with.

In modify table, i would like to have a better view of what checks, triggers, rules and policies that are associated with the table in the same way as the indexes and permissions are today (tabs).

It would also be nice to have that we can get the "column list" view somewhere displaying what columns and their data type when clicking a table. ( Today you will need to downclick table name and double or down click columns to get that list)





Upload id: 2021_12_09_KbpArsjpeDMpqNHG (file: Modify table.PNG)

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Andreas Jonsson,

We're working on it right now. I hope remastered version of "Modify table" will be available in the next major release next year.


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