2021.3.2 SQL Generator shortkey seems to be broken von MacOS

Hi friends,

I believe the shortcut is Command+Option+G but it doesn't work when I place cursor on top of a table and press the combination (I'm sure it worked in previous versions).

However, if I goto the database explorer, pick a table and press the combination, it seems to work.

Did I do anything wrong?



Do you place cursor in Console?

What version did you use previously?


Hi vasily chernov thanks for the quick answer.

Here is what I did:

1. Put a cursor in middle of the table name in a query, for example (| is the position of the cursor)

SELECT * FROM table_na|me

2. Press Command+Option+G

So I don't think I have the cursor in Console, but in the editor screen.

The last version I used unfortunately I couldn't recall, but it is probably the last major version of 2020.


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