Webstorm 2021.3.1 Cannot detach project

By mistake I clicked de attach button on open new project dialog. Let's say project B was Attach to project A.

But after searching the way  to detach a  project is right click on in in Project View -> select delete -> click detach.

It should display 3 buttons, cancel, detach & delete, BUT it only display 2 (cancel & delete). Of course, I don't want to delete de project, only detach it.

Somehow,  I excluded the project (right click , Mark directory as... -> excluded) And it did "disappear"  from project view, BUT in reality, it did not, because internally, the IDE thinks  the project A and B are together

Now, I have open project B, and to my surprise, there are any files in project view (I think because, I exclude the main  folder).

Any how, the problem. I cannot detach  project B. The delete dialog with detach button it does not show up. Is there another way to detach project B from project A ? Maybe editing some files  ?

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Thank you Elena Pogorelova

Removing the  entry in `module.xml` did the trick.

Thanks  !!


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