Settings gone after update + mismatch of plugin


So I basically lost all my settings, partially because of my own stupidity but I'm hoping I can get them back.

I updated DataGrip recently but probably it still wasn't the latest version. Today the IDE Settings Sync plugin showed a notification that the version of DataGrip is not compatible. 

The worse idea was to go to File -> Import Settings and I selected some I think one of the installations folders

Then all my settings are gone, dark mode enabled. I upgraded to the very latest version of DataGrip, installed the plugin but there's no icon for the sync (I am logged in to the same account).

Anything I can do to get my settings back?



What kind of settings have you lost?


Actually, I think I got them back but I think I didn't realise that the password for connections are not synced, those are saved with the project right?


It depends on your settings.

In general the better way to store passwords in KeePass:


My settings of how I physically prefer my windows, were also lost. Thought they would be synced?


In case you migrate settings properly everything should be saved.



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