Modify table window - can we improve it?


Modify Table window could use a bit of love from the Team to make it more usable:

1. Show column attributes as columns in the window

2. #1 would mean we can see all details at once. Right now we have to double click on the name, which is a lot of clicking, not to mention you can only see one column's details.

3. Be able to define the size of window. Every time I do something with the table, I need to resize it.

4. It would be great if this was possible from the main IDE so that I could still interact with other tables. Right now this window is in a layer that blocks access to the main IDE.


I agree to all of the above, but also I'd like to see an option to have it execute modifications in a single statement whenever possible. I just realized today that it seems to issue 1 statement per change. I was changing 2 INT fields to BIGINT and after 4.5 hours I thought it had finally finished only to realize that it only finished ONE of them and then it started working on the 2nd one..... so what would normally take 4 hours took almost 8. Somehow MySQL Administrator is able to do this (or at least it was back when I was using it). If there's a setting to allow this, I sure can't find it.


At the moment DataGrip team works on new UI for Modify Table.

It's available in DataGrip 2022.1 EAP and we appreciate your feedback.


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