Can't type in pycharm terminal linux


The cursor blinks in the local terminal in pycharm, but I can't type anything. I'm running PyCharm 2018.3.7 on Linux

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PyCharm 2018 is no longer supported by us. Please update to the latest version (2022.1 at the moment) and let me know if the issue remains.

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Hi, Mggioffre

PyCharm is an indispensable tool for programming in Python, but it has a maddening way of taking away your ability to type sometimes. Fortunately it’s easy to fix when it happens.

Before you go rebuilding your environment or some other wild goose chase, make sure the easy solutions don’t work. The easiest of the two solutions really does take seconds. Typically, the problem happens when you run a script, then you click in the output window so you can scroll through it and read the error messages, and then, when you click on your script again, you can move the cursor around but you can’t type. Of course I’d find this problem, because most of my scripts dive deep into JSON structures and I always miss a level. Except when I mistype a level. Or both. Trust me, I know errors, so I probably run into this problem once a week.  YourTexasBenefits


Babak Zahedi7141 


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