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Hi all !

Many (most) of our joins need to have 1 condition that is always stated. eg :
select * from t1
left join t2 on t1.Id = t2.Id AND t1.dataid=t2.dataid
The second one needs to be always there because of data breach.

What we want to is to have a check that would tell us if we have that or not  tried to search on this on documentation but with no avail. Would you have any suggestions? 

Edit: maybe I can use Inspections (to proactively do checks) or Intentions (so datagrip adds these automatically) but I never worked with these. 

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Cristian Duca,

Could you file a feature request to create an intention in DataGrip project https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/newIssue?project=DBE ?


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