Use with Gateway


Will we ever be able to use this with the jetbrains gateway?


What do you want to use with Gateway? 

You can already connect IntelliJ IDEA to remote gateway. See


Datagrip. So the gateway sever can be connected to internal dbs. Would reduce need for vpn when needing to run queries.


Your scenario could be covered by SSH Tunnel:

There is no exact date of Gateway support in DataGrip, but be sure that the work in progress, 


Konstantin Annikov

This would be super useful to have code inspection model running remotely, to reduce memory footprint on local machine


Tomas Kislan, could you please elaborate a bit? Do you experience high memory consumption? All inspections are running on the host.


Daniil Maslov on Macbook M1, I'm regularly seeing memory usage of 2.5GB, when having multiple databases loaded (like 15) (in a single Project)

>All inspections are running on the host.
I though that the whole point of remote development was, to have the heavy lifting offloaded to the remote .. isn't this the case for other jetbrains IDEs? Because this is have VSCode works



Sorry, I meant the remote instance that hosts the IDE. Could you please capture a memory snapshot (, upload it to and provide its ID?


Daniil Maslov

Upload id: 2022_12_08_24Yr2FNQcp2u9gjmD5GYVs (file:

currently 3.5GB of memory

Hi Thomas,

It took us some time to inspect the memory snapshot you uploaded. We may conclude that we haven't identified anything suspicious that could have caused inadequate memory consumption by the application.

If you're observing significant memory consumption, a legitimate way to spot it is by using an IDE memory indicator showing how much memory a Java application consumes at a particular time.

Aleksandr Molchanov

So that doesn't help me in any way. Also, it is really misleading, because even freshly start application consumes 1.2GB of memory, whereas indicator only shows 200MB.

That's what this thread is all about in the first place, to be able to offload some of the memory usage to a remote server with the Gateway, similarly as with other the Jetbrains products

Heap size never limits the total process memory, see this topic:

IDE memory indicator shows how much memory is used out of all the memory allocated to the IDE process.

The OS shows the memory currently allocated to the IDE as a program during its lifetime, and it is not the same as the heap size of the JVM process. OS native memory usage may be lower than the max memory allocated to IDEA or a bit larger (as it also includes native Windows dll libraries that JVM memory does not), or even a lot more than the max allocated JVM heap as OS could use swapping.

You can limit -Xmx to 1GB to get less total memory usage if your system has less than 8GB of RAM and your projects are small.

See also

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