SSL connection required for plugin "mysql_clear_password". Check if 'sslMode' is enabled. Google Cloud MySQL DataGrip


Hello, I am thinking in migrating to DataGrip, at my company I need to connect to a MySQL Database at Google Cloud, we do that throw a access token (gcloud auth print-access-token).

I would need to connect using this access token, so far I have tried using this configurations:

And this is the error I get: [S1000] SSL connection required for plugin "mysql_clear_password". Check if 'sslMode' is enabled.

Can anyone help me configure this to connect to the database and an automatic way of refreshing the access-token?
I have already followed this workaround with no success:


I tried it, it did not work this is what I received of error:

[08001] SSL Connection required, but not provided by server.


Could you please try connection with MySQL driver with sslMode=Disabled on Advanced tab? (and disabled 'use ssl' on SSL tab)?


Ok, for anyone struggling with this. This is the solution.
1. The devops guy changed the connection to be with SSL and Pritunl VPN. 

2. Enable USE SSL.

3. Certfication files 

4. Advanced:




5. VM Environment

Why this works?
Because it does.

Thank you for the comments in one way or another it helped me to figure this out.


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