Opening an existing FastAPI Project


Hi folks, thank you for this post on how to create a new FastAPI Project in PyCharm. Do you happen to have any documentation on how to import an existing codebase that was created outside of PyCharm with FastApi and Uvicorn in PyCharm? Sorry if this should be simple; I'm kind of a PyCharm (but not a Jetbrains) noob.


Thanks in Advance!


Have you tried just opening it (File | Open...) and creating a FastAPI run configuration?

There is no FastAPI-specific configuration on the PyCharm side like for Django projects.


First of all, thank you immensely for the extremely fast response, especially considering the TZ difference. Secondly, duh on my part for not thinking of it; that worked flawlessly. Once again, thank you.


I have the same question. 

When I create a FastAPI I see tab endpoints when just open an existing project and set up FastAPI configuration it works but there is no endpoint tab. So the question is how to open the existing FastAPI project so all IDEA features appear? 

I would expect to use "Add framework support" but there is no FastAPI, only Java frameworks. I am using IDEA Ultimate 2022.2.2 (wow what a number...) 


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