Cannot connect using Oracle and Kerberos after 2022.2 update


After upgrading to 2022.2, I am getting the error below when trying to connect using Oracle and Kerberos.

I reinstalled 2022.1.5 and can successfully connect.

Looking at just KINIT.exe in the JBR\BIN folder I can see the version changed from v11.0.15.0 to v17.0.3.0.  Could my issue be with Kerberos library updates?  I have no view or control over my AD account.  I won't be able to tell you how it is configured.

Upload id: 2022_07_21_jLkd3jYWZK6HHojPBjyGFx (file:


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What driver version do you use? Do you connect via OCI or Thin?

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I was using the thin client with 19.8.00 drivers.

I just switched to OCI and am able to connect

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Kinda strange, but it's great that with OCI it works fine.



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