Intellij Ultimate/community won't open after download after MacOS Monterey v12.4 upgrade


Intellij Ultimate kept crashing after updating MacOS to Monterey v12.4. I then trashed the app to download it again from my jet brains work account and the app would take a long time to download and won't open after download finishes. I have several crash logs I can attach below. Upload id: 2022_08_04_o5TTqZtF3d7SavAToJX83Q (files: java_error_in_idea_22782.log and 3 more)


Please update to the current IDE release:

The attached crash dumps are from the old IDE versions.

Try the steps from

If the issue persists, start from the command line per and provide the output (using 2022.2 release version).


I've updated to the current IDE release with the link provided above and the Intellij icon would just bounce when trying to open it. Do I need to download the Intel version instead of Apple Silicone one?




Download version for your hardware.

If it doesn't run, provide the output from the console as described in the previous comment.


Problem solved: I downloaded Intel version and it opened. Thanks for the timely responses and explanations. 


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