Projects created from my template don't open automatically


I created, built, and cleaned a Gradle project and then saved the project as a template, saving the whole project and leaving checked the box "Replace parameters with placeholders". When I create a project with the template, it gets created on disk but doesn't immediately open. Is there a way to make it open automatically? Is there a way to see if there were any errors during creation?

Another user asked a similar question and was told it was due to a bug that has now been fixed. I am using the latest version of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition (2022.1.4) so should not be affected by the bug.


The fix for this issue is available in 2022.2.2 RC build, your IntelliJ IDEA version is older and doesn't contain the fix.

Please try this version:


Thank you. I hadn't read carefully enough.

If you don't mind answering another question, do you know if the problem is with template creation or with template use? I recently had all of my students install 2022.1.4 and am reluctant to ask them to install 2022.2.2 RC. Would it be sufficient for just me to use the new version when creating the template?

If not, is there any problem with template use in 2022.1.4 besides its not opening the new project? I haven't detected any problems but haven't exhaustively tested it.


It looks like the issue is with saving templates.


Super! Thanks for letting me know.


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