Pair of tags, mission impossible

Is this a joke?

Can someone explain to me how on earth to select an opening tag and a closing tag in this confusion?


Terrible editor...


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Hi there,

So you want to select the whole <div class="d-lg-flex">... tag (from opening <div to the closing /div>)?

If so -- quite easy: just place the caret on [CARET]<div and invoke "Edit | Extend Selection" 2x times in a row. If the caret will be somewhere inside -- will require a few more subsequent invocations. It's quite a universal thing: works for PHP/JS code as well etc.

Another alternative: place the caret on [CARET]<div and invoke Ctrl+Shift+] (here on Windows keymap) -- it's a shortcut for "Move Caret to Code Block End with Selection" action (the shortcut can be changed/checked in "Settings/Preferences | Keymap" -- use the local search box to narrow the entries.)


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