PyCharm Community: Default Project Directory


Hi there, new user.  Windows 10. When creating my first project, I changed the location' field to where I wanted the project built at.  All sort of seems OK...but it did create a directory structure where I pointed it to, but it still put project files in the directory specified by default (and the path on the top left shows the original default also).  How can I keep everything together?  (When I created a second project, it did in fact make the default location the one I had entered- but once creating the project, the folder still pointed back to the origina.  

the tl;dr:  the PyCharm default is %User\PycharmProjects.  I want to put everything in %User\OneDrive\PycharmProjects.  Because, you know, backed up cloud storage and all that.  


Does changing the default project directory in File | Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings help?


Aha, that's the one, thanks!  Sorry for being such a N00b! 


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