Raise exception [HY000][1193] Unknown system variable 'event_scheduler', when synchronizing oceanbase schema

Raise exception  [HY000][1193] Unknown system variable 'event_scheduler',  when synchronizing oceanbase schema, but when i use Navicat, it's OK

Datagrip version : DataGrip 2022.3.2, and other version before  failed

And i have tried many mysql drivers from 3xx to 5xx

why datagrip must check  'event_scheduler',  'OB' does not have this param, even i use ob driver, the error happened also

Now, i have to use Naivate when OB, datagrip when other DB, it's so troublesome


My mac version:  Monterey






It's ok now, setting introsepect useing JDBC metadata in advanced config, but too hard to find


@2012app can you post how to change the advanced configure ? I have the same problem. thank you 


you can click there to set introsepect .


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