Installing multiple instances


Is it possible to install multiple instances? Totally independent with own set of plugins/configuration and projects

I read toolbox supports it but it seems I can install only Ultimate and Community instances, actually I want 2x Ultimate or I can install multiple versions I guess they share same config


You can install and manage multiple instances (versions) of any JetBrains IDE independently with Toolbox App:
To install a different version of the same IDE, click on the three dots > Other versions:
Here you have the option to install one more instance of the same IDE version, but with different configuration/plugins etc.:

Also, you can install multiple instances manually from the latest official version link or previous releases link. Even the same version - the installer will ask you if you wish to uninstall the existing manually installed instance or keep it.
Manually installed instances will still appear in Toolbox App list:, but they will not be managed by Toolbox. You will be able only to start them and uninstall them.


Thank you, it's been helpful