IntelliJ 2023.1 Ultimate version new UI Debug option (Step into, Step over etc) buttons positions can not be changed


I am trying the new UI as part of IntelliJ 2023.1 Ultimate version. Its quite impressive.

I am doing development - a spring MVC web app project and I use Intellij debug options with a local tomcat server deploying my artifact on it.

So the deployed artifact appears under Services windows. In the earlier UI, the debug button used to appear on the horizontal line right next to the deployments. However in the new UI, they appear as part of the vertical toolbar which one has to open and then they appear on the horizontal line. This is inconvenient for development /debugging purposes.

I could not get those debug buttons like Step into, Step over etc on the horizontal line. Is there a way to customise the location for these buttons.? 

Please refer to screenshot below:


Sachinja sorry for dragging with the response.

We're currently working on unifying the layout of Debugger and Services window, the toolbar with debug buttons should be made horizontal in Services by 2023.2. Please upvote IDEA-273639 and follow it for updates on the progress, see this article if you are not familiar with YouTrack.

As a workaround for the current 2023.1 version you can try disabling the new debugger UI as follows:

1. Invoke Find action with Ctrl(Cmd)+Shift+A (or Shift-Shift and then tab to Actions).

2. Type "Registry" and select the found item.

3. In the appeared Registry window start typing, find the corresponding key and uncheck the checkbox near it.

4. Restart the IDE.

Note that this will affect not only the Services window, but also the Debugger view. This is how Services will look after this change (the Debug will look more or less the same):

As internal changes are still possible, please do not forget to enable that registry option back after you upgrade to 2023.2.

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much Ekaterina Valeeva!!

The workaround worked very well. Looking forward to 2023.2 release.