OpenCL kernel source support


Is there support for OpenCL kernel source code planned for future versions (syntax highlighting and maybe some error inspections)?

And is there a way to activate C syntax highting for .cl kernels, but without the error inspections for C source code files?



Unfortunately, this feature hasn't been implemented in CLion yet: and it's not on our priority list for now. Nevertheless, feel free to comment or upvote.


Hi. I understand that and can live with that with my relatively simple kernels for the moment. However, printf instructions in the kernel apparently do not work and it think they should. Printf should go the stdout stream, which - if I am not wrong - should be the "Run" console in IntelliJ IDEA - at least that's where the print output goes from my regular Java or Kotlin code. 

I am working with OpenCL 2.0, so the printf extension has become part of the standard. But I have enabled it in the kernel with "#pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_amd_printf : enable" anyway - no success. 

Any suggestion?


Roland Schützig does printf work fine in a simple "Hello, World!" project (`File | New Project` > `C++ Executable` > `Create`)?


Hi Anna

The problem was that the printf did not work in an openCL GPU kernel. See the more extensive investigation in

In such a kernel the printf needs at least one argument, like: printf("%s\n", "hello world\n");

In the host program I do not have any issue. Hope that helps to answer your question.


Roland Schützig thanks for sharing the information!