Getting dialog "<escape> to cancel, <command-D> to dump threads", IDE is frozen



I get this dialog anytime I type something very common, like 'name' or 'id':

I use ideaVim, and the escape key does nothing to unfreeze the cursor. Usually the dialog stays for 10 seconds or more, during which time the IDE is frozen.

What can I do to turn off this behavior?


I ran into the same issue. I am also using IdeaVim. 



Could you please provide your IDE logs (Help > Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data)?
They can contain thread dumps created automatically during the UI freeze - which can point to the root cause of the freeze.


Thank you for the logs.

From the logs it looks like the issue is caused by IdeaVim plugin. Also, I can see that you have the plugin version 1.9.1 installed.
This is an older version - as you can see:, for the RubyMine release 2023.1.1 that you are using, supported version of the plugin is 2.3.0.
Could you try updating the IdeaVim plugin and see if it helps?


Thanks Ivan! That fixed the issue!