http client cli proxy settings


How can we pass noProxy host to http client cli docker image. As we have intranet and internet host in our http files. and want to use proxy only for internet.

docker run --add-host host.docker.internal:host-gateway --rm -v $PWD/:/workdir jetbrains/intellij-http-client httpclients/* -e dev -D  -v httpclients/rest-client.env.json  --proxy=

saw this in help 

--proxy=<proxyUrl>   Proxy setting in format

but how to pass all of below using this option

"httpProxy": "",
     "httpsProxy": "",
     "noProxy": "*,,"

Hello, Kishore Tulsiani. Unfortunately, there is no option to specify several proxy URLs yet. I created a feature request in our YouTrack to add this possibility; please, feel free to follow it to receive updates and show your interest in it.